Kailo Energy History

Ryan Shepherd is the co-founder and President of Kailo Energy. Raised in southern Utah, he has always been an avid outdoorsman and often finds himself with his family camping and hiking in that area. In 2008 after completing his MBA in Hong Kong he was hired to help build Goal Zero, one of the first companies to develop portable solar generators. His role soon transitioned into running the Humanitarian sister organization, TIFIE where he spent over 5 years working across the globe to bring solar and battery solutions to emerging markets.

After his success at TIFIE, Ryan started his own Solar and Battery company in Africa. He wanted to create a portable battery solution that had the same high quality components as Goal Zero but at a more affordable price.

In 2015 Kailo Energy was created to bring these new battery units to the U.S. market. With offices in Lindon Utah, Kailo Energy products focus on high quality battery components in durable and more affordable packages.