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Integrates with your home... portable as well

The Kailo Energy unit integrates seemlessly with your home to provide back-up power for your essentials. When the power goes out, no need to carry the battery near your fridge and plug in external devices or lights.

The powerful and light-weight unit is also easily detached for your everyday portable power needs.

Keep your essentials powered...even when the power is out.


Features & Specifications

  • Portable Battery & Home-integrated Docking Station
  • 1500 Wh (140 ah)
  • 2000 W continuous sine wave inverter
  • 4x AC outlets / 4x USB ports / 2x 12v / 12 and 24v charging
  • Charge battery from grid or solar panels
  • Chainable to expansion battery packs for more power reserves
  • 50lbs

Kailo PowerBox

Integrated and Portable

The backup energy sweet spot. Home integrated but also portable. Enough energy to keep your essentials powered in an outage but flexible enough to take it with you when you need to.

Available Early 2018